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23 Jul 2017

Thermoelectric Wine Fridge Buying Guide - Introduction to Collecting


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Posted By Candace M.

Wine is a classic, sophisticated beverage that is popular around the world. Wine collecting is an ideal hobby for those who appreciate the finer things in life. The most effective way of protecting your precious wine collection is to store your bottles in wine cellars or wine storage refrigerators. This is especially essential for premium wines that are bought for investment purposes. Wines that are stored at a perfectly even temperature are richer in taste, aroma and flavor.

What does a wine cellar/refrigerator do?

Wine is a natural beverage that easily spoils in the absence of proper storage. As wine matures, it is essential to keep it minimally exposed to heat, light, vibrations and variations in temperature and humidity. Wine cellars and refrigerators offer complete darkness and constant temperature, the necessary conditions to keep your wine tasting great. Wine cellar is the perfect choice for serious wine lovers.
What are the factors to be considered when buying thermoelectric wine cooler?
Thermoelectric wine cellars and refrigerators are available in many different sizes and designs. Prices vary based on the quality of the refrigerator and the number of bottles a cellar can hold.

Size and Space:

The first factor you should consider when purchasing a wine cellar is its size. You must decide how much space you are ready to allocate for a wine cellar at your home or business. If you are a small apartment dweller looking for a compact wine storage system, then a wine cellar that can store up to 20 or 25 bottles is your best option. Other wine refrigerators available in the market can store 110 to 500 bottles. These thermoelectric wine refrigerators are money savers, as they are economical in price and design. They occupy comparatively less space and can be self assembled. A select few thermoelectric wine cellars and fridges require a larger clearance of space for the cooling unit to function properly.


The style and elegance of a wine cellar is based on the quality of the model. If you are a serious wine lover searching for a perfectly designed wine cellar, there are many available in the market. In this case, however, you may need an unlimited budget. High quality is directly proportional to the amount of money you must invest. If you are willing to dish out the cash, opt for high end models. The wine lover in you will not be disappointed.

Design of the Cellar:

If the design and appearance of thermoelectric wine cellars and refrigerators play a significant role in your buying decision, then take a look at the furniture style wine cellars and refrigerators. A furniture style wine refrigerator is artistically designed and complements your home furnishings. It is often constructed of solid oak or cherry wood and displays intricate workmanship.

Shelves and Racks:

The major components of wine cellars and fridges are their shelves and racks, since they determine the number of bottles that can be stored at any one time. It is essential to consider the capacity and size of each rack and shelf. You need a three and three quarter inch slot to store large bottles. If you are a serious wine collector, then it is wise to select a wine storage system with spacious racks and shelves. Some cellars let you pull the racks out for easy access to your wine bottles. This facility proves to be useful if you own a large wine collection.

Cooling System:

The cooling system is a significant consideration for selecting a wine fridge or cellar. The ideal cooling system must be free from vibrations in order to ensure the proper storage of wine. The less vibration caused by the cooling system, the better the wine cellar or fridge is. You should also take into consideration the noise level of a wine storage system while making your purchase.


You also need to carefully evaluate the cooling systems insulation before making a wine cellar purchase. The storage units insulation plays a critical role in maintaining the optimum temperature. This is a crucial factor in properly storing your wine collection.

What are Wine Rooms?

Wine rooms are large refrigerators designed exclusively for the most passionate wine collectors. These unusual and rare refrigerators are mostly used by organizations for collecting and storing thousands of wine bottles. A wine room offers complete cooling and humidity control to protect large wine collections from any kind of harm.


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