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12 Jul 2017

Turn Your Wine Hobby into a Career


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Posted By Gustavo M.

Many people have wine collections stored in basements and cellars across the country. Each collection is unique and varies greatly since each collector has unique reasons for choosing their wines. Some people collect wine because they enjoy trying to collect wine from specific years of vintage. It can often take years to track down a specific bottle, and most of the time these are very expensive. When wine is so important and has significant monetary value, the collector may not even dream of opening it. Other wine collectors select certain wines because they enjoy how they taste. These wines are kept on hand for future use at dinners, parties, as gifts, or for whatever occasion the collector wants to use them.

Some collectors have just a few bottles on hand at a time while other collectors have several rooms filled with storage racks to help store over a thousand bottles. With such a large wine inventory, it would be nearly impossible to find a specific bottle of wine unless there was some type of system in place for organizing the wine collection. There are many ways that a collector could choose to keep track of their wine.

Some collectors stick to the tried-and-true method of writing down the bottles location by hand in ledger books as a way to keep track. However, technology has allowed for many creations in wine cellar software which can make finding a specific wine incredibly simple. There are products that wine collectors can purchase which use the wine bar code as a way determine where the wine is located. The task of locating a single wine among thousands of other bottles only takes a few seconds with wine cellar software like this.

Collecting wine is something that can be enjoyed as a hobby, but did you know that you can also turn it into a great career? As collectors study more, they are educating themselves about what makes a great wine so great. Many people love wine so much that they use the knowledge they have learned about wine and venture out to create a win of their very own. If a wine is successful and widely enjoyed, the former collector now has become a wine vintner and has the potential to earn a great success from their passion. If you are currently a collector, perhaps one day you will even have your own wine.


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