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27 Jun 2017

Wine Bottle Cooler


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Posted By Cherie B.

When it comes to protecting and preserving wine, there is nothing like a wine bottle cooler to get the job done. Many people consider storing their wine in a bar or cave, but the truth is that these bottles will usually end up spoiling if they are left in this atmosphere for too long. If you are planning on investing in bottles of wine for your savings or you want good wines that you can enjoy at their proper temperature and age, then you should definitely consider getting a wine cooler where you can store them properly.

How does a Wine Bottle Cooler Work?

The wine coolers serve a number of functions:

1. They keep wines at a precise temperature - There are specific temperatures that need to be maintained for aging wine, serving red wine, and serving sparkling wine, among other things. A regular fridge usually has an internal temperature that fluctuates, but this fluctuation can cause the wine to spoil if it carries on for too long. However, the wine bottle cooler keeps the temperature inside the appliance at a precise one, thus ensuring that the wine does not spoil even after many years of storage.

2. They preserve different types of wine - If you had a single cooler for all of your wines, you would end up spoiling your wine. For example, if you stored sparkling wine at its proper temperature, all of the red wines and aging wines in the fridge would end up spoiling. However, with the different compartments in a wine bottle cooler, you can be certain that you can store all your bottles of wine at their correct temperatures and thus preserve them for as long as possible.

3. They keep the humidity levels correct - 75% humidity is the correct humidity level for storing wines, and it is incredibly important that this level is maintained. The reason for this is that the corks will dry out if the humidity levels dip too low, and dry corks let air into the bottle which spoils the wine. The wine refrigerators are made to keep humidity levels proper, but regular fridges don't offer nearly as much control over humidity as is necessary for storing bottles of wine.

4. They protect the wines - When you open the fridge door, you are exposing any wines inside to the sunlight. The UV rays in the sunlight will cause damage to the wines, but your wine coolers will usually come with a protective layer that will keep the wines safe. Also, you don't have to worry about accidentally knocking over any bottles of wine, as they are all safely stored inside the cooler on special racks designed specifically for them.

These are just a few ways that wine bottles can be preserved inside one of the many electric wine coolers that you can find. If you are considering storing wine for long periods of time to age, it is essential that you find the right wine cooler for your bottles.


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